[I'm no longer in practice, but here's what my resume used to look like]


Counsel to Individuals and Local Government Since 1993
Reference: Gail Gorud, Kirkland City Attorney (425) 828-7933
123 Fifth Avenue
Kirkland, Washington 98033
Assistant City Attorney, City of Bellevue, Washington
From November, l981 to December, 1992, my principal responsibilities were condemnation and special assessments, including over two dozen actions for entire, partial or easement takings of multiple parcels of commercial, residential and vacant land for street, utility, park and other purposes. Special training includes a two-day ABA seminar on condemnation law in New Orleans in 1988.
My divisional responsibilities included the Public Works Department and Information Services. I advised the City on numerous other matters including public disclosure, cable and other franchises, trademark and copyright law, and was advisor to the City's Electronic Data Access Committee. For about a year in 1984-85 I did nearly all the City's criminal appellate work.
References: Richard L. Andrews, City Attorney (425) 452-6829
P.O. Box 90012
Bellevue, Washington 98009-9012
Marcella Wilson, Real Property Manager (425) 452-4168
Department of Public Works and Utilites
P.O. Box 90012
Bellevue, Washington 98009-9012

Acting City Attorney, City of Issaquah, Washington July and August, 1983
Reference: Leon Kos, City Administrator
City of Issaquah
P. O. Box M
Issaquah, Washington 98027­1307

Assistant Corporation Counsel, City of Spokane, Washington
From October, l978 to December, 1980. My principal responsibilities were public works and contracts, local improvement districts, licensing and taxation, environmental law and public records.
Reference: James C. Sloane, City Attorney
City Hall
Spokane, Washington 99201


Lubbock High School, Lubbock, Texas
Graduated June, 1967
Cornell University, Ithaca, New York
B. A. in English, June 1971
Grade Point Average: 3.02
Area of Concentration: Medieval Germanic literature
Gonzaga University, Spokane, Washington
J. D. May 1978
Grade Point Average: 2.96
Areas of Concentration : Natural resources; international law; regulation of the competitive process.


Forsgreen v. City of Spokane, (Indian Trails I), 28 Wn. App. 919, 627 P.2d 119 (1981)
(City has discretion in establishing L.I.D. boundaries; no Boundary Review Board jurisdiction although part of district lies outside corporate limits)
Bellevue v. Acrey, 37 Wn. App. 919, 687 P.2d 1289, rev'd in part 103 Wn.2d 203, 691 P.2d 957 (1984)
(Survival of defendant's waiver of right to counsel; validity of city's "obstructing" ordinance)
Davis v. Bellevue District Court, 39 Wn. App. 808, 696 P.2d 25 (1985)
(Valid "negative" amendment of local Model Traffic Ordinance)
Bellevue Associates v. City of Bellevue, 108 Wn. 2d 671, 741 P.2d 993 (1987)
(Assessments upheld although not proportionate)
Bellevue v. Painter, 58 Wn. App. 839, 795 P.2d 174 (1990)
(Code cities have all powers possible unless specifically denied)


State of Washington, October 27, l978

Federal District Court, E. D. Washington, January 22, 1979
Federal District Court, W. D. Washington, January 16, 1983
United States Supreme Court, November 4, 1985
Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, December 31, 1987

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